Our products address integration of external payroll services from ADP and Paychex into Sage 100 Contractor, formerly known as Master Builder. We also have a system to integrate Trade Data into Sage Construction management systems, and a web based application for time card and expense data collection.

PayDataLynx Enables connection of ADP Payroll service and Sage 100 Contractor. It is an easy to use highly integrated application that effortlessly bridges the two systems.

  • By-directional transfer of payroll data
  • Synchronization of employee information

TimeCardLynx is a web based timecard and expense data collection system. In addition to being closely integrated with Sage 100 Contractor payroll, this system is easily connected with other backend systems.

  • Easily synchronize users with active Sage employee records.
  • Assign job, phase and local codes to time card lines.
  • Allows employees or their supervisors to record hours and expenses, elimating duplicate entry.
  • Heirarchical review of hours/expenses.
  • Imports data directly into MB 5-2-2 Payroll Records with the click of a button.

PartLynx Provides import and update of part and pricing data (Trade Data) from either Epic of Vision InfoSoft Corp or I2 Tra-Ser Pro into Sage Contract Management Systems.

  • Bulk load
  • Scheduled updates keep prices accurate
  • Selective import integrated with application interface